• Beirut Souks Cinema Complex Food Court

    Beirut Souks Cinema Complex Food Court

    The food court of the Beirut Souks Cinema and Entertainment Complex opened in March 2015. Four leading vendors – Kababji, Pinkberry, Roadsters, and Zaatar W Zeit – arranged in a carousel-like

    feature with common seating area complement the existing dining offerings throughout the Souks and on Ajami Square. 
  • Souk El Yasmeen - Flower Market

    Activities in the City Center

    As it continues to initiate and support a broad range of activities and events that build on the city center’s history as a place for public encounters and communal dialogue, Solidere brought back the 

    flower market in Souk El Yasmeen and introduced a street-food weekly festival in Souk El Akel.
  • Beirut Souks Entertainment Complex

    Beirut Souks CinemaCity

    In the year since its opening, Beirut Souks CinemaCity and its spacious architecture, which comprises 12 regular and two VIP movie theaters with concession

    areas, has fast become the leading leisure destination in Beirut and the country. 
  • Infrastrcuture works on the Beirut Waterfront

    Beirut Mission Photos 2009-2011

    Beirut Mission Photos 2009-2011 is one of Solidere’s upcoming special publications showcasing Beirut’s city center as seen through the lenses of 4 international photographers: Gabriele Basilico, Fouad Elkoury, Robert Polidori and Klavdij Sluban. Globally recognized as some of the best names in their field, their work they set out to document Beirut’s urban

    development through a photographic archive of quality, revealing the mission of Beirut itself as one of the world’s most dynamic cities. (Photo © 2010 Klavdij Sluban)
  • Beirut Marina

    Beirut Marina provides mooring for 186 boats ranging from 5 to 65 m, with 75% of the mooring area accommodating boats of more than 25 m length. Solidere has been developing and operating it as part of its 50-year agreement with the State, and is currently finalizing the landscape design for the

    boardwalk, breakwater, parking area, as well as the quay between the marina and the yacht club.

  • Zaitunay Bay

    Revitalizing Beirut’s legacy as a maritime gateway of the Eastern Mediterranean, the sleek, family-friendly boardwalk lines Beirut Marina and ends at the elegant yacht club.Twenty-two quayside restaurants, cafes,

    and boutiques skirt the Zaitunay Bay esplanade and bridge the urban bustle with the relief of the waterfront.
  • Zeitouneh Square

    Designed by Gustafson Porter Landscape (UK) as part of a sequence of interconnected public spaces to create a promenade along the city’s original boulevard, the Old Shoreline Walk, it is conceived
    as a relaxation and gathering place for nearby office building tenants, neighborhood residents, and visitors, as well as a platform for community events.

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