• Beirut Souks Entertainment Complex

    Beirut Souks - Entertainment Complex

    Beirut Souks' CinemaCity is now open to all movie goers. Its unveiling marks a milestone spearheading the completion of the northern section of the project. The complex is comprised of 14 cinemas, including VIP theaters and lounges, concession 

    areas, food courts and various entertainment and retail zones which are in various stages of completion.
  • Infrastrcuture works on the Beirut Waterfront

    Beirut Mission Photos 2009-2011

    Beirut Mission Photos 2009-2011 is one of Solidere’s upcoming special publications showcasing Beirut’s city center as seen through the lenses of 4 international photographers: Gabriele Basilico, Fouad Elkoury, Robert Polidori and Klavdij Sluban. Globally recognized as some of the best names in their field, their work they set out to document Beirut’s urban

    development through a photographic archive of quality, revealing the mission of Beirut itself as one of the world’s most dynamic cities. (Photo © 2010 Klavdij Sluban)
  • Beirut Lighting Architecture - Bab Idirss Square

    Lighting Beirut Architecture Wins German Design Award 2014

    In Beirut city center, special attention is paid to lighting and public art. Lighting Beirut Architecture, which enhances the beauty of heritage and contemporary buildings in the historic core, earned a recent accolade and was declared winner of the

    German Design Award – 2014, the German Design Council’s international premium prize for high-quality products and projects for their pioneering contributions to design. 
  • Red Dot 2013 Award Ceremony

    Red Dot Best of the Best Award 2013 for Solidere’s Annual Report

    The Solidere 2011 Annual Report City in Scenes - City in Portraits was awarded the Red Dot Best of the Best Communication Design 2013 prize for exceptional creative achievements in the field of communication design, one of the largest and most acclaimed international design competitions in the world.

    Solidere Multidisciplinary Design Department team members received the award at a ceremony that was held at the Konzerthaus in Berlin on October 18, 2013.
  • Fête de la Musique 2013

    Activities in the City Center

    As every year the city center has played host to a number of recurrent music festivals such as Fête de la Musique and the Beirut Jazz festival, celebrating international musical and cultural diversity, interpreted by musical talents from all over the globe.

    The free-for-all fiestas united crowds of all ages, sparking the city center night alight with great sound vibes and imbuing the streets with a palpable atmosphere of positive energy.
  • Beirut Marina

    Beirut Marina provides mooring for 186 boats ranging from 5 to 65 m, with 75% of the mooring area accommodating boats of more than 25 m length. Solidere has been developing and operating it as part of its 50-year agreement with the State, and is currently finalizing the landscape design for the

    boardwalk, breakwater, parking area, as well as the quay between the marina and the yacht club.

  • Zaitunay Bay

    Only meters from the buzzing city, Zaitunay Bay on Beirut Waterfront has become a popular pedestrian and leisure area, offering one of the nicest experiences in the city center. Beirut Marina quays are ideal places for gentle strolls, interspersed with stops at leisure and shopping outlets, in real Mediterranean passeggiata tradition.

  • Zeitouneh Square

    The square provides a key link between traditional and modern Beirut. As it extends across the roads to surrounding buildings, it unifies the site into one large space, that houses sculpture exhibitions and other cultural events.

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