Beirut Souks


South Souks: Souks Core - Jewelry Souk

Cadastral1479 Marfaa
Land UseRetail - Office - Hospitality - Cultural - Entertainment
BUA71,903 sq m with landscaped and pedestrian zones
Architect(s)Rafael Moneo (Spain) and Samir Khairallah and Partners - Souks Core
Kevin Dash (UK) and Rafik El Khoury and Partners - Jewelry Souks

North Souks: Entertainment Center - Department Store

Cadastral2 Marfaa
Land UseRetail - Office - Hospitality - Cultural - Entertainment
BUA19,225 sq m with landscaped and pedestrian zones
Architect(s)Valode et Pistre (France) and Annabel Kassar - Entertainment Complex
Zaha Hadid (UK-Iraq) and Samir Khairallah and Partners - Department Store
StatusUnder Construction

Beirut Souks crystallize Solidere’s vision of Beirut city center as a complete, synergic district. This signature shopping, hospitality, entertainment and cultural meeting place enhances the economic vitality and social vibrancy of the central district.

At the heart of the center, accessible from all regions in Lebanon and connected to the transportation network, port and airport, Beirut Souks link all city center parts together, shaping and defining the city. Within short distance of the traditional Conservation Area, Hotel and Waterfront districts, Beirut Souks are surrounded by up-market office, residential and hospitality areas, and enjoys easy car and pedestrian access.

Acclaimed as one of the most important commercial centers in the region, the development raises expectations and adds impetus to the regeneration of the Lebanese capital and its center, as an attractive regional and global business, shopping and leisure destination.

Since their opening in 2009, the South part of the project – Souks Core and Jewelry Souk – have become a meeting place as well as a shopping destination due to a successful retail mix and promotion strategy that pairs strong brands with a schedule of entertainment and cultural activities. The opening of CinemaCity in 2013 and its food court in 2014 herald the near-future finalization of the North part of the project, which still awaits the opening of the Entertainment Center and the completion of the Department Store, currently under construction. 

North Souks Components

North Souks Components

Entertainment Complex [1]

The Entertainment Complex is conceived as a major entertainment destination in an avant-garde structure, composed of two parts: the cinemas and the entertainment component. Construction started in February 2010 and is due to be completed end 2012.

The main structure comprises 14 cinemas, including 2 VIP theaters with generous lounge and concession areas, an entertainment and retail zone, restaurants and a games arcade. Their interiors have been designed by Dada & Associates, in coordination with Solidere.


Restaurant Building [2]

Adjacent to Banque de Syrie et du Liban, this L-shaped building presents a continuation to the Entertainment Complex, housing various types of restaurants. Its western part will house Atelier Joel Robuchon, and its upper roof terrace the Sultan Ibrahim restaurant.


Department Store [3]

The Department Store is under design by Zaha Hadid Architects as a landmark project showcasing a unique architectural language. It will be accessible from the landscaped Khan Antoun Bey Square, with views towards the restored Majidiya Mosque. It will appeal to a wide range of consumers by offering luxury brands as well as affordable retail, and also featuring some restaurants.


Khan Antoun Bey Square & Parking [4]

The limited landscape competition conducted by Solidere for Khan Antoun Bey Square was won by PROAP (Portugal). The final design is still under study. Elements of the ancient harbor are to be incorporated in the square’s landscaping scheme.

The Khan Antoun Bey parking has a 330-car capacity over three underground floors, now complete, with the final slab at the level of the Khan Antoun Bey Square site under construction. The entrance is on Allenby Street, while the exit is from the North Souks parking on Professor Wafic Sinno Avenue.


L’Orient Building [5]

The design and updated program for the L’Orient Le Jour building, by Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners (UK) and Samir Khairallah, will be finalized by February 2013, comprising an office building with ground floor retail. The building’s original facades will be restored, with a contemporary annex added at its northern side. It is expected to be completed by June 2015.