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  • Clarification on land sales

    False information has been circulating recently about the amount of land sales Solidere concluded since the beginning of 2019. (Official PDF)

  • AGM Notice – 2019

    The Ordinary General Meeting that will be held on Monday, July 29, 2019 at 9.30 A.M. at the Seaside complex, waterfront area, Beirut Central District (More)

The IR function seeks to provide accurate, timely and consistent information to the financial community and to the Company’s key constituencies through a proactive and interactive process, aiming for an accurate valuation in the marketplace. Equal and simultaneous information is communicated through Annual General Meetings, Roadshows and Conferences, Conference Calls, Investor and Analyst Days, the Corporate Website and publications such as annual reports and press releases. Our goal is to provide fair access to information, non-selective disclosure and an understanding of the fundamentals of the Company, its strategy, business model, competitive position and financials.

IndustryReal Estate Development
Shares Issued100M Share A
  65M Share B
Market Cap 
Ticker SymbolsSOLA, SOLB
ListingsBeirut Stock Exchange (BSE)