• Beirut Waterfront District

    Beirut Waterfront District

    With marinas, open views to sea and mountains, and a planned city park, the Waterfront District is envisioned as an integrated and sustainable urban environment.

    With its completed modern internationally-approved infrastructure it stands as the new development frontier.
  • Souk El Yasmeen - Flower Market

    Beirut Souks

    A chain of interconnected structures, vaulted alleys, and open spaces that is a meeting place as well as a shopping destination with a schedule of entertainment and cultural activities

    throughout the year. Beirut Souks integrates archeological sites with modern street art in a “promenade architecturale”. 
  • Cinemacity


    With its prime location at the heart of the city and ample parking, Beirut Souks CinemaCity redefines the movie-going experience by creating a sensory journey

    enlivened by color, light, and video animation, all complemented by concession areas, a food court, and CosmoCity gaming center. 
  • Khan Antoun Bey

    Khan Antoun Bey Square

    Site of the grand Ottoman structure Khan Antoun (1860), the square is now a public space in the making, accommodating cafes and restaurants with indoor/outdoor and terrace seating. 

  • Marinas

    Operated by Solidere, Beirut Marina provides mooring for 186 boats ranging from 5 to 65 meters, with 75% of the mooring area accommodating boats of more than 25 m length.

    Solidere is currently developing the Eastern Marina, which will offer another 115 berthing opportunities for boats 6 to 25 meters-long.
  • Zaitunay Bay

    Zaitunay Bay

    Conceived as a series of overlapping platforms, reminiscent of sea waves, Zaitunay Bay is a year-round haven of leisure, social, and cultural activities with a rich culinary scene right by Beirut Marina,

    the perfect place for a sunrise stroll, relaxation, or toasting to the sunset over dinner.
  • Zeitouneh Square

    Designed by Gustafson Porter Landscape (UK) as part of a sequence of interconnected public spaces to create a promenade along the city’s original boulevard, the Old Shoreline Walk, it is conceived
    as a relaxation and gathering place for nearby office building tenants, neighborhood residents, and visitors, as well as a platform for community events.

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