• Beirut Waterfront Promenade

    A destination for people of all ages, the Beirut Waterfront Promenade offers a breathing space away from city congestion, with panoramic open-air views of the sea and mountains.

    People can enjoy a plethora of activities, such as walking, jogging or cycling, and families can spend a leisurely time in a fresh outdoors setting.
  • Argentine Street

    Uruguay and Argentine Streets

    A vibrant hotspot is emerging amidst the cobbled pedestrian Uruguay and Argentine streets, where people get together to enjoy a plethora of restaurants and pubs, offering a wide range of foods and beverages that cater to all tastes.

    This upbeat meeting place, adjacent to Samir Kassir Garden is fast becoming a city center favorite and an attraction magnet to hip crowds of all ages, which provides a vivacious street atmosphere bubbling with energy and good vibes well into the night.
  • Beirut Mediterranean City

    As it gently slopes towards the sea, Beirut city center offers a gorgeous panorama. Planning and architecture enhance this Mediterranean character by optimizing view corridors on sea and mountains.

  • Harbor Square

    Located on the northern part of the Foch-Allenby conservation area, the square covers part of Beirut’s ancient harbor. It includes part of the reconstructed harbor wall, water features and extensive pergola shading with an outdoor seating café.

  • Beirut sunset

    Beirut waterfront offers a magical sunset experience, against the backdrop of a vibrant city center.

  • From Traditional to Modern

    As it spans extant and new city center districts, Beirut architecture evolves from the traditional to the modern, rich in its diversity of concepts, programs and land uses.

  • Rooftops with a view

    In the city center, many buildings are endowed with rooftops offering panoramic views of Beirut and its surroundings.

  • Waterfront Infrastructure Works

    Preceded by heavy engineering investment in sea defense, marina construction, environmental cleanup and reclamation, current infrastructure and landscape design and implementation are preparing for the waterfront district development.

  • The Garden Restaurant - Green Terrasse

    The Garden Restaurant

    Located in the Jewelry Souk above Fakhry Bey, The Garden offers an extensive selection of freshly prepared hot dishes, tea and deserts overseen by resident French chef and pastry specialist Eric Sinnig. Specialities include the famous Black Angus Burger, Chicken Qinoa Salad with Zucchini and Vinaigrette Sauce and a large variety of deserts, most notable

    of which, the Saint-Honoré, Religieuse and Forêt Noire. The restaurant is on two floors with a spectacular green roof terrasse for enjoying breakfast and lunch.

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