Heritage Trail

The Beirut Heritage Trail, a project by Solidere in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture - Directorate General of Antiquities and the Municipality of Beirut, links archeological sites, historic public spaces and heritage buildings over a 2.5 km walking circuit in the historic core of the Beirut city center. Celebrating the multi-layers of Beirut’s rich heritage, the Beirut Heritage Trail reveals the story of 5,000 years of history and takes the visitor through a historic journey of the key sites and monuments. Having restored 300 buildings within the city center, the Beirut Heritage Trail uses historic maps, photographs and drawings to tell the story of Beirut’s past and present in Arabic, English and French.

Marked out by bronze medallions grouted into the sidewalk, the Beirut Heritage Trail consists of 50 site panels made from glazed lava-stone tiles that allow for high quality printed material to withstand the Mediterranean climate. The circuit will start at the Beirut Souks, which retain the 2,500 year-old ancient street grid and Ottoman access gates, and incorporate several archeological remains including the Phoenico-Persian quarter, the city wall and moat, the restored Mamluk Zawiyat Ibn Iraq and Majidiya mosque. Among the sites featured in the trail are the Emir Munzer mosque, the Roman Baths, Riad El Solh Square and the Grand Theatre to name a few.