Castle Square and Belvedere Park


Landscape ArchitectMachado and Silvetti Associates (US)
AreaCastle Square 3,202 sq m, Belvedere Park 4,810 sq m
FloraQuercus virginiana, Jacaranda mimosifolia, Trachelospermum jasminoides, Euonymous fortune, Rosmarinus officinalis
Public ArtNone

West of the ancient Tell and Martyrs’ Square Axis, Castle Square and Belvedere Park integrate a promontory wall at the citadel level with pedestrian passages in addition to a plaza at ground level. Following the discovery of several archeological remains, civil works on Castle Square were put on hold, with design

revisions to accommodate remains dating back to the Crusader era. Belvedere Park, overlooking the ancient Tell near Castle Square, includes a garden with historic remains and open views to the sea.