Harbor Square


Landscape ArchitectGustafson Porter (US-UK)
Area2,900 sq m
FloraRobinia frizia, Cupaniopsis anacardioides , viola jackanapes, Hemrocallis dumortieri
Public ArtNone

Located in the northern quadrant of the Foch-Allenby conservation area, Harbor Square offers tranquil respite and a public space for families in neighboring buildings, professionals in the city center and visitors. In keeping with Solidere’s aim to integrate archaeology in the reconstruction effort, Gustafson Porter’s design repositions and represents part of the old

harbor wall discovered on site and treats it as a sculptural element within the square. A stainless steel pergola appears to float over water pools representing the sea, and different types of paving delineate the ancient boundary between land and sea, a nod to the square’s relationship to the old harbor.