Imam Ouzai Square


Landscape ArchitectMartha Schwaertz and Partners (US-UK)
Area1,671 sq m
Public ArtNone

An important open space in Beirut Souks, Imam Ouzai Square, also known as Zawiyat Ibn Iraq Square, constitutes their main entrance from the south and offers passages to the Tawila, Sayyour, and Jewelers’ souks. Tiled with black basalt pavers, including an oval with outlines of the old Roman pavement, integrates features from the site heritage together with

elements of modernity: curved white marble planters surrounding Ibn Iraq monument, white marble circular planters with trees and shrubs; white marble circular steps guiding to Bab Idriss and the Souks upper floors; seating spaces facing the shop fronts, providing shade and emphasizing the entrance towards Souk Tawila.