Leila Osseiran Garden


Landscape ArchitectGillespies (UK)
Area5,023 sq m (with an additional 463 sqm for the staircase area)
FloraPinus pinea, Lagaerstromia indica, Olea europea, Jacaranda mimosifolia, Laurus nobilis, Quercus ilex, Cupressus sempervirens, Phoenis dactylifera, Punica granatum, Nerium oleander, Nandina domestica, Agapanthus orientalis, Jenuperus, Rosemarinus officinalis, Rosa odorata, Thuja Gold crest, Myrtus communis, Lavendula domestica, Plumbago, Cuphea rosea, Asparagus, Russelia equisitifolia, Punica granatum, Callistemon, Legustrum, Carissa prostrate, Jasmine Polyanthemum, Chlerodedrum speciosum
Public ArtNone

Formerly referred to as the Roman Baths' Garden, the Leila Osseiran Garden combines archeology and landscaping, providing an ideal venue for open-air concerts and events.

Following an international competition, the original design by Interscène (France) is being replaced by a concept that considers the Roman grid as a unique and sacred whole, offers the best solution for all round viewing of the archeological remains, and results in better gardens and improved seating for events.

The concept has three main components. The south side is a celebration of water. Reservoirs, cascades and pools highlight

the sound and quality of water. The planting is minimal as space is at a premium. The north side offers magical open space terraces allowing people to wander through. Aromatic and scented plants evoke Roman times.

The central staircase combined with the contemporary walkway serves as a connection between the south and north gardens. Its top is widened to create more space for permanent seating, and with additional temporary structure can host up to 3,000 people for concerts and events.