Mina El Hosn Square


Landscape ArchitectConcept Design: Gustafson Porter (US-UK)
Detailed Design: Vladimir Djurovic Landscape Architecture (Lebanon)
Area2,975 sq m
FloraChamaerops humilis, Washingtonia robusta (palm), Polygala myrtifolia, Pennisetum setaceum
Public ArtNone

This elevated grand square, in the Hotel District, is the culmination of a series of south-to-north open spaces serving as a view corridor from Wadi Abou Jamil western edge to the Beirut Marina. The space is designed as an urban piazza, with two vehicular drop-off points for both adjacent towers (Platinum and Beirut Tower). A series of raised circular planters and water

mirrors, following an organic layout, articulate the space and define sinuous circulation flows, emulating the movement through the curvilinear pedestrian bridge that will connect to Beirut Marina in the future. The wide border of these circular planters provides seating areas throughout the space to encourage rest and relaxation among one of the city’s future main pedestrian trails.