Omar Daouk Square


Landscape ArchitectGillespies (UK)
Area1,006 sq m
FloraAmelanchier, Firmiana simplex, Platanus orientalis, Ficus sycomorus, Agapanthus africanus, Juniperus horizontalis, Buxus sempervirens, Lavandula spica, Echium fastuosum, rosmarinus officinalis, Gardenia jasminoides, Santolina nana
Public ArtMaguerditch Mazmanian (Russia)

The original space was designed by Mohammad Halawi around a bust by Maguerditch Mazmanian (Russia) of Omar Daouk, first head of state of Lebanon and possibly one of the fathers of the Lebanese Constitution. With the aim of upgrading the square

from a green island into a space connected to the surroundings, the new design enlarges its size, introduces three terraces to soften the site incline, and creates an attractive open area where one can sit and rest.