Samir Kassir Garden


Landscape ArchitectVladimir Djurovic Landscape Architecture (Lebanon)
Area822 sq m
FloraFicus nitida, Carissa grandiflora prostrata
Public ArtLouis Debré (France)

The garden near El Bourj building offers room for meditation. A bronze statue of Samir Kassir by Louis Debré (France) is a commemoration of the late journalist and political activist. Two historic Ficus trees provide shade at the center of the space, and a reflecting pool with water cascading over its edges marks the border with the street.

The pool is flanked by a rectangular timber deck that encircles the two trees, and has at its western side a long bench of solid stone. The garden won the American Society of Landscape Architects Honor Design award in 2010, the 2007 Aga Khan Award for Architecture and the Cityscape Architectural Review Award in 2006.