Real Estate Developments


As a land bank with a considerable property portfolio, Solidere’s aim from the outset was to market a wide range of land and built-up spaces for residential, commercial, retail, hospitality, and other uses. The Company planned to sell land for development and to sell some of the retained built lots whose ownership devolved to it and to keep some for office use. Given the finite potential of the land bank, Solidere also planned to create a rental market by leasing space in renovated or new properties, thereby diversifying the recurring revenue base. 

In developing real estate for its own portfolio, Solidere initially focused on projects that elicit end user interest either as a place of residence or as headquarters. The most notable of such projects include the UN House, the Embassy Complex, and new and restored flats in Saifi Village, Wadi Abou Jamil, and Zokak el Blatt. 

Thus, Solidere began its development activities in the traditional city center, focusing first on the historic core, notable for its conserved and restored architecture, and the key residential areas before shifting its attention to the mixed-use Hotel District and poles of attraction both in the traditional city center and the new Waterfront District, such as Beirut Souks, Beirut Marina, and Zaitunay Bay. Solidere also turned to leasing space for temporary activities in the Waterfront District. 

Today, the Company’s development strategy prioritizes completion of key developments such as the Entertainment and Cinema Complex and Department Store in Beirut Souks in the traditional city center, and infrastructure in the Waterfront District for future land development and sales. All these projects complement existing ones with particular focus on enhancing the social and cultural dimensions in the city center while generating revenue. The Company also generates income from parking lots and mooring spaces in Beirut Marina.

List of Real Estate Projects

Solidere Restored BuildingsMarfaa: Lots 129, 142, 148, 149, 150, 157, 174, 200, 201, 1138 and 1301
Mina El Hosn: Lots 803, 995, 996, 799, 1015 and 1232
Saifi: Lots 166, 169, 332 and 74
Zokak El Blatt: Lots 15, 670, 671, 678, 680, 931, 1021 and 1024
Beirut Souks1479, 2 MarfaaSouth Souks: Completed
North Souks: Under Construction
Pinwheel Project1494, 1508, 1509, 1510, 1511, 1512 MarfaaUnder DesignREAD MORE
Grand Theatre Hotel891 BachouraUnder DesignREAD MORE
Zaitunay Bay1455, 1456 Mina El HosnCompletedREAD MORE
800 Mina El Hosn800 Mina El HosnCompletedREAD MORE
Triple-A Office Building1493 Mina El HosnUnder DesignREAD MORE
1338 Mina El Hosn1338 Mina El HosnUnder DesignREAD MORE
1386 Mina El Hosn1386 Mina El HosnUnder DesignREAD MORE
178 Saifi178 SaifiAwaiting PermitREAD MORE
Saifi Village-CompletedREAD MORE
UN HOUSE - ESCWA1134 Zokak El BlattCompletedREAD MORE
Embassy Compound89 Zokak El BlattCompletedREAD MORE
Rue de France Complex1, 1131 Zokak El BlattCompletedREAD MORE
1144 Zokak El Blatt1144 Zokak El BlattCompletedREAD MORE