Grand Theatre Hotel


Cadastral891 Bachoura
Land UseHospitality
BUA11,800 sq m with landscaped and pedestrian zones
Architect(s)Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners (UK) and Ziad Akl and Partners
Anoushka Hempel Design (UK) for interiors
StatusUnder Design

Originally known as ‘Le Grand Théâtre des Mille et Une Nuits’, this venue, built in the late 1920’s, is of great historical significance. It consisted of a theater and a small hotel or pension, with small shops along the street front façade.

The original Italian theater, which hosted a number of small shows, performances and events in its glory years was converted into a cinema and had later fallen into disrepair and finally abandoned during the civil war.

To honor the Grand Theater’s memory, and after years of studies to determine its best use, Solidere proposed to restore the old structure in its original design as a boutique hotel with the theater as its central piece.

The new proposal promises to become a spectacular destination, with the original charm and drama of the theater preserved.

Main façades have been restored and footings strengthened. The overall massing offers an interesting contrast with the historic core streetwall alignments, and addresses modern neighbors in Ghalghoul.

The concept aims to unite varying aspects and scales of urban development through a combination of faithful reconstruction and bold modern intervention that respect the existing structures. A series of pods with cantilevered structures support modern extensions over-sailing the existing building and accommodate suites and roof gardens. This approach creates drama in the form of large overhanging structures, which provide shading to the gardens below. The gaps between the modern interventions offer pleasant perspectives from within and allow natural light to penetrate the rooms. The historic arcaded street frontage will be occupied by retail units, with the intention of animating and populating the site perimeter at its interface with the historic core.