Pinwheel Project


Cadastral1494, 1508, 1509, 1510, 1511, 1512 Marfaa
Land UseMixed-use
BUA160,000 sq m
Architect(s)Renzo Piano Building Workshop (RPBW) (Paris)
Fouad Menem Consultants and Partners
StatusUnder Design

Strategically located between the Port First Basin and the historic Foch-Allenby district, the Pinwheel Project is to be a distinctive development. Bound to the north by the Ottoman Wall Walk, it forms the gateway to the New Waterfront District. The site lies at the crossroads of several main arteries of the traditional city center: Port Street and Mir Majid Arslan Avenue to the south, Foch Street to the east, Patriarch Hoyeck Street and the Allenby Street extension to the west.

Renzo Piano perceives the project as a ‘new urban area’ located between the traditional Beirut city center, ‘the mainland’ or ‘old land’, and the reclaimed area, ‘the new continent’.  It is a key piece completing the urban puzzle with a subtle game and balance between four key concepts; namely, unity and diversity, permeability and privacy, transparency and opacity, the built and the greenery.

The development includes three towers with podiums. The southern one accommodates a department store, a hotel and serviced apartments, with an observatory and belvedere on top levels offering 360-degree views.

The northern tower comprises condominiums, lofts and sky villas, and the western tower offers specialized offices. Several other buildings of podium heights constitute residential and office components. These elevated podiums connect the project to the surrounding buildings on ‘the mainland’, creating a sense of continuity and urban unity. They include an active ground floor level, several multi-use levels and rooftop suspended public gardens.

The active ground floor level is anticipated as permeable, accessible to the public with luminous, complex and colorful circulation. Retail frontages of variable heights are adorned with light transparent canopies. Trees are essential and unifying elements that help weave ‘the old land’ and ‘the new continent’ throughout the project. The presence of water, another unifying element, gives the impression of the sea penetrating into the city and provides for a cooling effect during summer.