Rue de France Complex


Cadastral1, 1131 Zokak El Blatt
Land UseMixed-Use
BUA9,475 sq m
Architect(s)Fouad Menem Architect

Located in Rue de France, in the lower part of the Serail Hill, the development, completed in 2003, consists of a fully occupied residential building, with a total floor area of 6,502 sq m; an office building, leased to the Council for Development and Reconstruction, with a total floor area of 2,973 sq m; and a health club with its components spreading over four floors with an area of around 3,400 sq m.

Observing the height  restriction to preserve sea views the Serail Hill, in accordance with the sector plan, the development, designed by Fouad Menem Architect, was conceived as a supportive wall of the Grand Serail site, using the same cladding material on the façades and with the roof terraces providing continuity with the Serail Hill open space.