Solidere Restored Buildings

CadastralsMarfaa: Lots 129, 142, 148, 149, 150, 157, 174, 200, 201, 1138 and 1301
Mina El Hosn: Lots 803, 995, 996, 799, 1015 and 1232
Saifi: Lots 166, 169, 332 and 74
Zokak El Blatt: Lots 15, 670, 671, 678, 680, 931, 1021 and 1024
Land UseVarious

The restoration of Beirut city center's historic fabric was a real success confirming the sustainability of traditional districts and heritage buildings and their great potential for creating value, once adapted to the needs of contemporary life and business.

Solidere took the lead in the restoration process, undertaking showcase work in its properties. Among the 265 buildings that were retained for preservation, the ownership of 11 of them has devolved to Solidere.

These were faithfully restored in accordance with a set of rules and restoration guidelines established by the Company.

International experience in urban and architectural conservation was adapted to local materials and know-how, with the adoption of specific stone masonry repair techniques and the reconstitution of elaborate façades. Buildings were rejuvenated through the use of skylight atriums, roof gardens or glazed roofs. The interiors were fitted to comply with modern requirements for functionality, flexibility, comfort and efficiency.