Design & Building Specifications


Solidere’s vision of a sustainable city is behind its continuous efforts to abide, in all the facets of its developments, by the highest standards in design, safety, construction, urban planning, environment, etc. These criteria are regularly updated in accordance with international best practices and standards. They are mandated in the Development Briefs.

Quality Control

Solidere’s procedures for design, development and quality control have become a hallmark of the Company’s modus operandi as they ensure the long-term protection of land and property values. All Beirut city center developments meet, from inception to completion, its international standards.
The most important decisions regarding the quality of a development are made during the design and planning stages, when component configurations, material specifications and functional performance are decided. Once construction is under way, quality control consists of carrying out inspections and coordinating between the various executors of a project to ensure compliance to the original approved design and standards.


Seismic Standards

After earthquake vulnerability assessments, Solidere set up strict development guidelines regarding seismic safety measures. These include earthquake-proof foundations for all new buildings and bridges, and when possible for restored ones. Even stricter standards were established for future designs and incorporated in the Development Briefs.


Solidere’s present standards are in line with the concept of green technology, recycling, environmental remediation and energy conservation. The Company incorporated green standards to cover its real estate developments.

The application of sustainability measures has been encouraged and many projects now meet the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold Standard.