Beirut city center will have two marinas, the Beirut Marina to the west and the Eastern Marina to the east of the Waterfront District.

Beirut Marina

At the heart of the city, it is within short walking distance of the Beirut Souks, Hotel District and historic core. Beirut Marina entered its eleventh season in spring 2012. It can accommodate 204 boats ranging from 5 to 65 meters and currently moors 176 boats; with 75% of the mooring area reserved for boats over 25 m in length. The marina has brought an element of the jet set lifestyle to the waterfront area. As per a 1997 agreement signed with the state, Solidere has the right to operate and exploit the marina for a period of 50 years.

The Eastern Marina

Planned for the northeast quarter of the Waterfront District. Currently under detailed design by COWI (Denmark). It will incorporate an urban beach resort, including a hotel, serviced condominiums, low-rise residences and quayside retail. It will be serviced by an underground car park.