Solidere laid new infrastructure on behalf of the State in return for land in the Waterfront District. The works were delivered in the existing city center, and are still proceeding in the Waterfront District.
The city center is equipped with a 3.6-km ring road comprising three major axes bordering it, 8.4 km of primary roads and 16.6 km of secondary, tertiary and pedestrian streets; new utility networks and public car parks. Amenities for the convenience of users include structural features, fire safety and access for the disabled.
Quality hardscaping and street furniture, including street and sidewalk paving, signage and public lighting, were designed to complement the character of each sector, and public art was commissioned for different areas of the city center.

Delivered by Bouygues (France) in 2000, marine works include a two-line defense structure that comprises Beirut Marina, together with its quays and breakwater.


Defense structure

Submerged reef as first defense line extending 100 m seawards along the full extent of the Corniche; 80 reinforced concrete caissons, each 17.5 m wide, 27.75 m long and 10.5 m high, as a second defense line. The superstructure provides two-level promenades over 1.3 km.

Backfilling behind the caissons provides a stabilizing bond and a third promenade, 5.5 m above sea level.


Design features

A seafront construction below 5.5 m that allows sea views from the city center; public access right down to the beach; three-level promenade over the caissons.


Eastern Marina

The development is currently under detailed design by COWI (Denmark).