With 39 ha of landscaped public space, the city center, representing 10% of municipal Beirut, will contain half of the capital’s green areas.

Around 60 spaces will make up the public domain, comprising  gardens, squares, pedestrian areas, quaysides and seafront promenades, and a waterside city park (Wahat Rafic Hariri) in the Waterfront District.

Gardens, squares, wide medians and streets lined with trees, shrubs and seasonal plants, have contributed in the creation of a distinctive urban character. Some gardens are opened to the public while others are in different phases of completion.

These outdoor escapes are integral to the full experience of the city center and are intertwined within a greater urban vision. As an essential aspect in urban regeneration, each plays a role in enhancing the beauty and the environmental quality of the area, and each forges a special relationship with the growing community of residents, workers, and visitors.