Operation and Maintenance


After delivering completed infrastructure and public realm components in the traditional city center to the CDR, Solidere remains in charge of the maintenance of open spaces, including the irrigation network and landscaped areas. The Company documents damage occurring to public property in the city center and reports it to municipal authorities. When commissioned, Solidere carries out the repair work, at cost.

In addition to the services offered by the Municipality of Beirut and in cooperation with city center residents and property owners, Solidere provides an array of services to further enhance the urban environment. These include security, canine surveillance, door-to-door waste collection, street and sidewalk furniture cleaning and pest control.

With an eye toward ensuring long-term value, in conjunction with public authorities and other official agencies, the Company upholds adherence to the codes and regulations governing health, safety, security and development activities. It continues to offer first-class facility management services to all its commercial and residential properties and also extends its know-how and services to third parties for the development, marketing, management and maintenance of their properties (electromechanical and general services) via its subsidiary, Solidere Management Services, at competitive prices.

With a strong track record and years of experience, Solidere maintains and operates 94 residential, commercial, and office properties (Solidere, Solidere co-owned, and third party), along with the Beirut Marina and Beirut Souks.