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Solidere BBN implements, maintains and operates a state-of-the-art communications network in the Beirut Central Disitrict (BCD) offering business, residential and retail tenants the highest standards of reliability, security and connectivity.

The modern design and unified communication criteria give all BCD stakeholders from owners, developers, tenants and visitors access to the most advanced communication networks in Lebanon and has transformed Beirut City Center into a 24-hour IT zone which is attracting multinational companies and other residents who are benefiting from the provision of multimedia and broadband communication services.


Beyond the scope of its agreement with the State to install communication infrastructure in the BCD, Solidere decided to provide value-added services including a fiber-optic network for broadband telecommunications services used to promote and facilitate high-speed data transmission of text, image, audio, and video.

 In 1998, the company obtained a build-and-operate license for broadband distribution of a converged IP network including high-speed internet, IPTV (internet protocol television), video conferencing, data center facilities, and VPN (virtual private networking) for corporate clients. Beirut city center was thus transformed into an around-the-clock IT zone capable of attracting multinational companies and other residents who benefit from the availability of multimedia and broadband communication services.

 In 2006, an agreement is signed with Orange, a member of the France Telecom Group, to build and operate a full IP network. The new system uses advanced telecom technology based on a fiber-optic backbone with dual connections to each building in the city center.

 In 2008, in addition to the internet and VPN services, Broadband Network launched an IPTV service for city center residents. This offered greater value to customers by providing seamless delivery of high-quality video.

 In 2014, in continuing to move forward with the times, Solidere reduced its internet package prices and introduced new shared internet packages, not available at any other service provider in the country, at competitive prices. Broadband Network is also studying the possibility of upgrading the current IPTV platform and services by partnering with new providers to offer smart homes, home and office surveillance, and additional more advanced services and technologies.