Master & Urban Planning

Solidere’s city-making activities start with master planning, with guidelines and detailed plans defining the rules and regulations of construction and urban development. This is a continuous and ongoing operation whose success depends to a large extent on flexibility and adaptability to changing circumstances and to various economic, urban and standard-of-living conditions throughout development, which spans a long time period.  

Driven by high standards, Solidere’s approach optimizes the site’s main attributes and assets. While combining the latest techniques in infrastructure, urban development and landscaping, it remains  based on local market needs and observes local norms and regulations. This yields a clear development process that includes the following:

  • Site identification and study
  • Infrastructure, road network and transportation studies
  • Environmental impact studies
  • Land use and phasing plans
  • Urban design and architectural guidelines
  • Integration with current public sector facilities where applicable
  • Landscaping framework and guidelines for open spaces and gardens
  • Design and development briefs for individual parcels
  • Masterplan review, permit and decrees processing, development and quality control procedures
  • Sustainable environmental strategy in line with the concept of green technology