Audited 2020 Consolidated Financial Statements

Audited 2020 FS 
Audited 2020 consolidated financial statements are now available . Click here


Corporate News 
Issued by Solidere Jan 04 2021


Solidere Announcement

Solidere announces that its un-audited land sales value that will be recognized in 2020, amounts to $341.9 million. ( Official PDF June 2020 )

The Company paid off in 2020 its local bank loans and some of its overdraft accounts, totaling around $190 million. It also closed most of its dues to suppliers and contractors, decreasing the Company’s liabilities from $414 million as of end of 2019 to around $225 million as of today June 18, 2020, noting that most of its remaining...

Clarification on land sales

False information has been circulating recently about the amount of land sales Solidere concluded since the beginning of 2019. (Official PDF)


In this regard, Solidere negates the rumors and announces the exact value of the land sales that were signed and that will be fully or partially recognized on its books in 2019 and 2020:

  • In 2019, land sales contracts totaled $250,122,600 (to be fully or partially recognized in 2019)
  • In 2020, land sales contracts...